Where do you deliver to? 
We deliver free of charge to anywhere within Australia. If you are outside Australia and would like to order a Box of Feels, please contact us with your request and we will endeavour to assist you.

Do you deliver to Post Office Boxes?
Yes we use Australia Post and therefore deliver to PO Boxes.

How many samples can I get and how much do they cost?
You can order up to 5 samples at $1 each. The maximum in one order is 5 samples for $5. Should you require more, you can place a separate order, or contact us to manually coordinate this for you.

What is the 'Refundable Deposit'?
We place an authorisation hold on your card for $19 per sample (which covers just some of the actual cost of each sample, in the event it is not returned). Please note, this is not actually ever charged to your card, it's just an authorisation. The only time this would ever become an actual charge to your card, is in the event of a non-return of your Box of Feels.

 How do I place my order? 
1. Go to the Order Samples page. 
2. Select up to 5 swatches from either or both the Art Hide and Ground Control rug collections 
3. Once you're finished, checkout and confirm the Refundable Deposit hold. We will process your card using our merchant Paypal 
4. You'll receive an Order Confirmation via email. 
5. You will receive tracking when we ship from our Perth warehouse (within 1-2 business days) 

 How long will it take for my samples to arrive? 
Please allow up to 10 working days, depending on where you're located within Australia.

When does the two-week period start?
We receive a notification when your parcel is delivered and your two weeks starts then. It's important that you mark your diary and return the Box of Feels on the required return date. 

 Will you send me a reminder to return my Box of Feels? 
Yes, our concierge team will send you a reminder 2 days before you're due to send your Box of Feels back, and another reminder on the day.

What happens if I miss the two week return date?
We offer a grace period of 3 days. If the grace period lapses and we have not received a return notification from Australia Post, your credit card will be charged the pre-authorised hold amount of $19 per swatch. 

What happens if I return my swatches late? Will I get my money back? 
Even if we have already charged you for the non-return, you can definitely still return the Box of Feels using the free self addressed bag provided. 
However we will charge you a $5 administration fee per samples. This will be deducted off the final amount refunded to you. 

Can I keep some or all of the samples if I'd like to?
Please contact us if you'd like to keep any of the samples.

Can I get an extension on the two week period?
Yes, if you require the rug samples for longer, please contact us to arrange an extension.

What size are the samples?
Our samples are roughly an A4 size. Samples are individually made; they're not just cut from a large rug. The pattern is often scaled down so that you get a sense of the complete design and colours, therefore you should not use the swatch for referencing the correct scale of the design (in other words, the actual tiles may be bigger than shown on the swatch). See our websites for the full pattern and scale. If you're looking to customise any of our rugs, our free Room Service render program can show you the scale for the design you're looking at.

How do I contact you? 
 You can email us at hello@arthide.co with any questions and also live chat with us via our live chat function. You can also ring our studio on +61 2 9086 9399 – if we're not there, leave a message and we'll call you right back.
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